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Welcome to SGS M-Scan!

SGS M-Scan is a world leading group of chemical analysis laboratories specialised in bespoke chemical testing as well as high-end GLP/GMP contract analytical services, consultancy and training based on Mass Spectrometry and Chromatography.

SGS M-Scan’s laboratories provide analytical services in the area of Life Sciences, including protein analysis, pharmaceutical analysis and bioanalysis to support the drug development program.
In addition, SGS M-Scan offers a comprehensive portfolio of environmental testing, oil fingerprinting, chemical analysis, and forensic analytical testing services.


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Protein Analysis Service to GMP / GLP

SGS M-Scan has unrivalled expertise in protein analysis. We are the originators of MS Mapping of biotechnology products, together with other mass spectrometry strategies related to protein / (...)

Chemical Analysis Services

The analysis of unknown organic compounds associated with manufacturing processes is a particular strength of SGS M-Scan. SGS M-Scan has expertise in analysing a wide range of samples from a (...)

SGS M-Scan Training Courses - Overview

In addition to our analytical services SGS M-Scan provides training through workshops and seminars at a variety of specialist Conferences, Exhibitions and other Events.

Fire Debris Analysis

SGS M-Scan can analyse any type of fire debris for the presence of “accelerants”. The identification of product types is made with reference to our own extensive database of reference materials, (...)

Analysis of Fuels

SGS M-Scan has 12 years experience in compliance testing and ‘fingerprinting’ of racing fuels and is the lead laboratory in the FIA Formula 1 fuel testing programme.

Videoclip 1

Upcoming EMEA Guideline on monoclonal antibodies - What's new? (by Dr. Fiona Greer)

Videoclip 2

Protein aggregation: Regulatory considerations & Pro's and Con's of different methods (by Dr. Andrew Reason)

Videoclip 3

(Pitfalls in) Structural Characterisation of Biosimilars, Monoclonal Antibodies and Glycoproteins (by Dr. Andrew Reason)

Videoclip 4

Investigation of Extractables and Leachables in Drug Products (by Dr. Chris Harbach)

Videoclip 5

Regulatory issues for Biopharma products (by Dr. Fiona Greer)

Videoclip 6

Biophysical analysis of biopharmaceuticals, including analysis of secondary/tertiary structure and protein aggregation (by Dr. Mark Millichip)

Videoclip 7

Methods for characterisation of protein glycosylation (by Dr. Richard Easton)



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