Analytical Excellence

SGS M-Scan's commitment to excellence derives from unrivalled experience and expertise as a problem-solving contract research laboratory (CRO).

We are specialists in Mass Spectrometry, Chromatography and associated techniques for solving the most demanding problems in organic and bio-chemical analysis. SGS M-Scan is at the cutting-edge of developing new techniques and bespoke analytical methods. We have extensive validated proprietary methods and are experts in custom method development and the interpretation of analytical MS and MS/MS data.

In Biochemical Analysis, clients benefit from our vast experience dating back to the early 1980's. Since then, many hundreds of Biotech products have been analyzed in SGS M-Scan's laboratories. Our extensive knowledge of the regulatory requirements enables us to guide clients on their analytical requirements. We were the pioneers of 'Peptide Mapping' by mass spectrometry and of several related protein characterization methods (e.g. disulfide bridge assignment by mass spectrometry), which have become standard procedures worldwide.

Full-spectrum carbohydrate and glycan analysis, de novo sequencing and proteomics research are specialities and we have in-house capability to fully characterize to the requirements of the ICH guidelines.

We have a multi-disciplinary Chemical Analysis team, specializing in the fields of pharmaceutical, industrial, environmental and forensic chemistry. SGS M-Scan holds the FIA contract for the analysis of Formula One Racing fuels. We developed the method for analysis of PFOS and are represented on the International Standards Organization (ISO) committee looking at best practice. We are at the forefront of developing methods for analyzing naphthanate scales and low-level mercaptan odors. Uniquely, SGS M-Scan is capable of branding petrol used in arson attacks and in related work, our data has been used to obtain a criminal conviction, based on the analysis of smoke odors on a suspect's clothing.

SGS M-Scan has considerable technical capability. Initially established as both an MS analytical laboratory and a hardware specialist. Our current range of over 25 mass spectrometers offer a wide variety of ionisation and detection techniques for optimum sensitivity and versatility. SGS M-Scan was the first contract service in Europe to offer both Circular Dichroism and TOC analysis in a GLP/GMP environment.

With experienced, skilful scientists and advanced technology, SGS M-Scan is a recognised world leader in contract research analytical services, training and consulting.