Equipment List

This is an excerpt of our current range of over 25 mass spectrometers:

  • Four Micromass Q-Tofs with Dionex Ultimate 3000MDLC, Waters Alliance HT 2795, GE Healthcare Ettan and MDLC systems

  • PE Sciex Q-Star/Pulsar ESI-MS/MS

  • Two Micromass/Waters Quattro Premier XE/Acquity UPLC MS/MS

  • PerSeptive Biosystems Voyager-STR and DE-PRO MALDI-TOFs

  • PE Sciex API3000 triple-quadrupole for LC-MS/MS.

  • Two ABI 4000Q-Traps

  • Two Waters LCT Premiers coupled with Waters 1525 HPLC

together with a variety of other single and triple-quadrupole LC-MS instruments and various GC-MS with pyrolysisthermal desorption and headspace capabilities.

Additional capabilities include:

  • Three ABI Procise automatic protein sequencers

  • Four Dionex BioLC systems for HPAEC-PAD applications

  • Shimadzu TOC-V wp Total Organic Carbon analyser

  • Jasco J815 Spectropolarimeter for Circular Dichroism

  • Beckman Analytical Ultracentrifuge

  • Various other HPLC, GC and UV/VIS