Evolved Gas Analysis Mass Spectrometry (EGA-MS)

SGS M-Scan uses a Frontier Laboratories PY2020D double-shot pyrolyser coupled to a Shimadzu QP2010 GC-MS for the analysis of solid samples by Evolved Gas Analysis Mass Spectrometry, EGA-MS. Samples are placed in a small steel cup which is placed in the furnace of a pyrolyser where the temperature is continuously increased up to a maximum of 800oC. 

The pyrolyser and mass spectrometer detector are directly connected together allowing on-line mass spectrometry analysis of the compounds evolved. As the pyrolyser is heated volatile compounds e.g. residual solvents are typically liberated at the lower temperatures followed by semi-volatiles, additives such as plasticisers, antioxidants and stabilisers and then pyrolysis products which are often monomeric species. The resulting ‘thermogram’ is compared to the instrument’s library of polymers.

This technique is ideal for the analysis of natural and synthetic, extractables from packaging and screening for polybrominated biphenyls (PBB) and polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDE) in polymers for RoHS compliance.