Oil and Petrochemical Analysis

SGS M-Scan’s chromatography mass spectrometry services are utilised extensively in the oil industry, ranging from exploration and production, through to final refined and formulated products. SGS M-Scan’s clients include:

Chemical PlantChemical Plant

  • oil companies

  • engineering companies

  • service companies

  • environmental/regulatory authorities

  • companies providing production chemicals

Oilfield production

SGS M-Scan undertakes the quantification of crude oil components, e.g.:

  • carbon number profiling

  • naphthenic acids and associated scales

production chemicals e.g. corrosion inhibitors and scale inhibitors, can also be quantified in both crude oil and produced fluids assisting in product formulation and selection, as well as performance monitoring.

Environmental analysis

SGS M-Scan also undertakes comprehensive environmental surveys of production fields, terminal operations and rig decommissioning sites analysing produced and discharge waters, cutting piles and oil spills.

Downstream processing and formulation

SGS M-Scan’s capabilities are utilised to assist the downstream oil industry both in refinery process operations, as well as final fuels and lubricant technology and formulation. Typical studies include:

  • hydrocarbon distillates

  •  base oils : paraffinic, naphthenic POA, POE, PAG

  •  fuel and lubricant additives

  •  deposits : process and engine

SGS M-Scan also undertakes atmospheric / nuisance odor monitoring in both production and refining operations. Samples are collected in gas bags or preferably directly onto thermal desorption tubes and analysed by Thermal Desorption GC-MS. This technique allows low levels of airborne mercaptans to be identified and quantified.