Volatile Organic Compounds and Odors

SGS M-Scan has unrivalled expertise in the analysis of smells and non odorous volatile organic compounds (VOC). Using techniques like Headspace GC-MS or Thermal Desorption GC/MS (TD GC-MS) we have analysed samples derived from:

  • Odor analysisOdor analysis
    stack gas and industrial emissions

  • emissions from waste treatment facilities/sewage treatment works

  • tainted food

  • malodors from finished product

  • on plant monitoring

  • laboratory chemical odours

  • chemical stores

  • printing and packaging

  • foams and polymer manufacturing

  • brewing

  • refinery and oil storage facilities

  • residual solvents

In each case SGS M-Scan’s expertise has assisted in identifying VOCs of concern or nuisance odours. Odorous compounds detected are compared against SGS M-Scan’s own proprietary database of odour thresholds which lists the odour levels at which 50% of the population are aware of an odour.