Environmental Surveys


SGS M-Scan undertakes a wide range of environmental surveys from the collection of seabed samples from inshore waters, beach and inter tidal surveys as well rivers and lakes. Van Veen and Day Grab sampling is used for inshore waters with typical analysis of the sediment including:

  • Sampling marine sedimentsSampling marine sediments
    Total petroleum hydrocarbons,

  • PAHs,

  • Sediment size distribution,

  • Metals analysis,

  • Total hydrocarbons by loss on ignition

  • Benthic fauna.

  • Tributyl tin (TBT) analysis from ship repair/building


In addition the analysis of fresh water samples and river/lake sediments can also include:

  • Pesticide/herbicide residues

  • Detergent and surfactant analysis from industrial sites

  • Fire fighting foam and triazol residues from airports

  • Leachates from landfill sites

  • Oil identification from leaking fuel tanks and spills

Air Monitoring

Air monitoring includes:

  • Stack gas monitoring

  • Boundary fence surveys

  • Identification of nuisance odours

  • Assessment of emissions from composting plant

  • Assessment of effectiveness of odour scrubbers on a wide range of industrial plant