Indoor Air Quality

Sampling VOCsSampling VOCs

Increased awareness of toxic volatile compounds released from building materials, along with increased use of recycled air allowing these compounds to build up, has led to a demand for Indoor Air Quality monitoring. Both Thermal Desorption GC-MS (TD GC-MS) for the screening of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and the identification of nuisance odours, as well as Liquid Chromatography (LC-UV) for the analysis of aldehydes, including formaldehyde which can be released from fibreboard internal walls, are commonly used by SGS M-Scan for the analysis of indoor air quality. Both of these groups of compounds are known to contribute to Sick Building Syndrome.

Nuisance odors can also be derived from adjacent buildings, particularly if they are industrial sites, sewage treatment works or even restaurants. Analysis of these odours can assist in presenting a legal case against neighbours creating the nuisance.

SGS M-Scan can organise the sampling of buildings (industrial, office or domestic) and a screening for volatiles/nuisance odours