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Characterisation of Liquids

Given SGS M-Scan’s expertise in the analysis of petrochemicals, we are accustomed to undertaking the detailed characterisation of liquids (or semi-liquids). These analyses can be used to quite simply determine the identity of an unknown product and also to establish whether it could have been used to accelerate a fire.

If a liquid is identified as petrol, we can also determine whether it is unleaded petrol (ULP), four-star petrol (leaded petrol) or two-stroke petrol. In addition, we can also determine the brand of the petrol using our unique method of petrol branding analysis.

Case Study

Following a spate of arson attacks in a housing estate, a youth was seen to be acting suspiciously one evening. Consequently, he was stopped and searched; in his possession was a washing-up liquid bottle containing a pale yellow liquid that was seized by the police. SGS M-Scan analysed the liquid and established that the liquid was Shell petrol.


Characterisation of AccelerantsCharacterisation of Accelerants