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SGS M-Scan has strong links with Gardiner Associates Ltd (www.gardinerassociates.com), the UK’s leading provider of fire investigation training, and also with First Forensic Ltd (www.firstforensic.co.uk). We are Guest Members of the European Network of Forensic Science Institutes (ENFSI (www.enfsi.eu)) Fire and Explosion Investigation Working Group, and have forged a collaborative relationship with the School of Criminal Justice (Ecole des Sciences Criminelles) at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland.

Research & Development

SGS M-Scan’s main area of forensic research relates to analyses for fire and arson investigation. Examples of the type of current research projects are:

  • Petrol branding (transference & persistence of petrol additives on varying substrates)

  • Fire debris analysis

  • Recovery of petrol residues from hands

  • Fuel correlations (petrochemicals)

We have presented papers at numerous international forensic conferences over the past decade:

Gardiner Associates “Live, Learn & Pass it On” Conference, June 2007: “The International Perspective on Fire Investigation” R. Pepler

Ministry of the Interior (Bahrain)/Forensic Science Society Joint Conference (in Bahrain), March 2007: “Petrol Branding Advances” R. Pepler

Grays Inn Chambers/Bar Council Lecture, November 2006: “Trace Evidence and Fire Investigation”: R. Pepler

Royal Society of Chemistry Mid-Wales Section Lecture, March 2006: “The Use of Mass Spectrometry in Solving Forensic Problems” R. Pepler

Forensic Science Society Summer Meeting, July 2006: “Petrol Branding and Fuel Correlations” R. Pepler

17th Meeting of the International Association of Forensic Sciences (in Hong Kong), August 2005: “Forensic Fire Scene Reconstruction” Workshop and Co-convenor, R. Pepler

ENFSI Fire & Explosion Investigation Working Group meeting, September 2005 (in Krakow): “Establishing the Brand of Petrol” R. Pepler

Gardiner Associates “Live, Learn & Pass it On” Conference, June 2005: “Petrol Branding” R. Pepler

Emerging Young Professionals Royal Society of Chemistry conference, 2005: “Advances in Forensic Analysis” R. Pepler
Scottish Police College Fatal Fire Seminar 2005: “Analytical Advances in Fire Investigation” R. Pepler

56th Meeting of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences (in Dallas), February 2004: “Advances in Smoke Odour Analysis in Fire Investigation” R. Parsons

Royal Society of Chemistry Lecture, December 2000: “From Racing Fuels to Forensic Analysis” Dr R. Large

Forensic Science Society Summer Meeting, July 1999: “Detailed Fuel Analysis as an Aid to Arson Investigation” Dr R. Large