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Fire Investigation

With over 10 years’ experience, our scientists can attend scenes to establish the origin and cause of any incident of fire or explosion. We apply the scientific method to all our scene investigations, as outlined in the National Occupational Standard for Fire Investigation and NFPA 921. SGS M-Scan can also provide assistance in issues surrounding fire spread (propagation) and duration of burn, and we have access to facilities where we can undertake large-scale burn tests for fire/explosion scene reconstructions.

Fire Investigation SceneFire Investigation Scene

In addition to scene attendance, we can evaluate documentary, photographic and video evidence in the context of any investigation, and can provide assistance in formulating forensic strategies, directing lines of enquiry and planning witness interviews.

We undertake all types of analysis of items recovered from fire/explosion scenes, e.g. “accelerant” detection, petrol branding, liquid identification, etc. In addition, our scientists also have experience of examining items of clothing for “flamewash” (i.e. fire damage as a result of igniting flammable vapours), as well as examining electrical items for causative faults.

We can also undertake case reviews of fire/explosion incidents for both active and old cases.