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Life Science

SGS M-Scan Residual Impurity Analysis

There are a variety of compounds added during the manufacture of biopharmaceutical products which can appear in the final product as Process Related Impurities. Analysis has to be performed to confirm their absence from the final product and efficient removal by the downstream process.

SGS M-Scan Open Day June 19, 2012

SGS M-Scan Open Day June 19, 2012

SGS Acquires Vitrology

SGS Acquires Vitrology

SGS Formulation Services

SGS Formulation Services

SGS Mumbai Lab

SGS will open a second Indian analytical laboratory in Mumbai, fully operated by mid- 2012, to meet the booming local demand from large generic and multinational pharmaceutical companies.

SGS M-Scan Protein and Glycoprotein Analysis

SGS M-Scan Protein and Glycoprotein Analysis

SGS M-Scan Aggregation Analysis

SGS M-Scan Antibody Product Analysis

SGS M-Scan Structural Analysis of Glycans

Biosimilar Development: From Science to Market

Biosimilar Development: From Science to Market

Protein and Glycoprotein Characterization by MS

This short paper gives the essential background to an understanding of biopharmaceutical characterization by mass spectrometry and its importance in accelerating the processes leading to the approval by the regulator of well-characterized new drug products.

M-Scan Brochure : Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Analysis

M-Scan is an independent group of companies dedicated to providing high quality mass spectrometry and related analytical services in the Life Sciences arena.

Protein and Glycoprotein Analysis in Accordance with ICH Guidelines

Biotechnological and biological products should be characterised according to ICH Guidelines. ICH Topic Q6B outlines procedures for analysis of peptide, protein, glycoprotein and antibody products.

Structural Analysis of Glycans

Structural Analysis of Glycans For over 30 years M-Scan has provided a full analytical package for carbohydrate analysis, including novel structure elucidation. Monosaccharide Composition Analysis, Glycan Population Analysis, Glycan Antennary Profiling Analysis Linkage (methylation) analysis Glycosylation Site Analysis

Antibody Product Analysis in Accordance with Regulatory Guidelines

Antibody products should be characterised according to ICH and FDA guidelines. M-Scan provides a full GLP/cGMP analysis package for product characterisation and identification of post translational modifications, which include...

Extractables & Leachables | Determination of Solvent Residues in Medicinal Products

M-Scan has developed mass spectrometry based validated methods for the analysis of plasticisers and leachables from rubber seals, tubing and containers, as well as analysis methods for other extractables. --- | --- M-Scan offers analytical expertise in the detailed identification and quantification of residual solvents in medicinal products, using proven robust techniques.

Chemical / Environmental


Post-Translational Modifications of Biopharmaceuticals - A Challenge for ...

by Dr Fiona M Greer and Dr Andrew J Reason. European BioPharmaceutical Review Summer '02 issue.

Glycosylated Bioproducts – Breaking Down the Benefits

by Dr Fiona M Greer and Dr Richard L Easton. European BioPharmaceutical Review Winter '06 issue.

Biopharmaceutical Characterisation –Considering Key Questions

by Dr Fiona M Greer. European BioPharmaceutical Review Summer '03 issue.

Key Questions in Peptide Characterisation using MS

by Dr Fiona M Greer. Article from SP2 Magazine, Nov 2006 (reprint)

Training courses

Product Characterisation of Biopharmaceuticals: Bringing a Protein to Market

(MS06) The course will provide a detailed review of product characterisation, seeking to answer questions such as What characterisation should be performed and when? and How do product characterisation and analysis impact the development programme?’

Advanced Biopolymer Mass Spectrometry: Protein, Carbohydrate & Oligonucleotide Sequencing

(MS03) The technical content of the Course will deal firstly with an understanding of the different types of ionisation method and mass spectrometer best suited to the study of Biopolymer sequencing, and this includes an explanation of the concept of collision induced dissociation tandem MS/MS analysis...

Introduction to Mass Spectrometry

(MS01) The Introductory Course will cover the most important Ionisation techniques used in Mass Spectrometry, including: Electron Impact, Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption and Electrospray together with descriptions of the most common mass analysers, and how to choose the correct combination for the problem under study.

GLP/GMP certificates

SGS M-Scan GmbH GMP certificate 2012

SGS M-Scan GmbH GMP certificate 2012

M-Scan Ltd - GMP certificate 2010

Directive 2001/82/EC

M-Scan Ltd - GLP Certificate 2010

Directive 2004/9/EC

M-Scan SA - GMP Certificate 2008

M-Scan SA - GLP Certificate 2008

(Art.14 para.3 Ordinance on GLP [RS813.211.1])

M-Scan GmbH - GLP Statement 2009

(§19b Chemikaliengesetz and Directive 88/320/EEC)

M-Scan GmbH - GMP Certificate 2008

(§14 para 4 No.3, German Drug Law (AMG))