Antibody Analysis

SGS M-Scan has unrivalled expertise in biopharmaceutical analysis. As originators of MS Peptide Mapping, together with other mass spectrometry strategies related to protein/glycoprotein characterisation, our customers benefit from our vast experience gained from analysing hundreds of biotechnology products, including antibodies.

Antibody AnalysisAntibody Analysis

SGS M-Scan provides individual analyses, or a full antibody analysis package, tailored to the FDA and ICH guidelines and available to GLP/GMP, including:

  • N-Terminal and C-Terminal amino acid sequence analysis, using automated Edman chemistry and/or mass-spectrometric mapping/sequencing strategies
  • Electrophoretic and isoform patterns, including CE
  • Spectroscopic profiling, using CD
  • Identification of product related impurities, including degradation products (deamidation, oxidation, mis-matched S-S bridge forms)
  • NMR is available at research level