Working at SGS M-Scan

The SGS M-Scan group, consisting of four laboratories in United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany and the USA, was founded in 1979 to provide contract analytical and consulting services utilising mass spectrometry.

We are world leaders in the application of modern MS methods for solving a wide range of problems in areas as diverse as the structural analysis of biopolymers (proteins, glycoproteins and carbohydrates) and oil/petrochemical, forensic, environmental and chemical studies.

Career Opportunities

SGS M-Scan Ltd:

• Mass Spectrometry Support Specialist

• Lab Based Scientists

• Stability Services Manager


SGS M-Scan Ltd, Wokingham, Berkshire will be searching for:

Mass Spectrometry Support Specialist

Experienced Mass Spectroscopist required to maintain and troubleshoot GCMS and LCMS instruments, develop and perform novel instrument assays and train staff in developed methods.

Laboratory Based Scientists

Analytical Biochemists and Chemists are required. Training will be provided but ideally the successful applicants for these positions will have expertise in one or more of the techniques used by SGS M-Scan in the analysis of small chemicals and biopolymers. The successful candidates should be well organised and ideally have experience in one or more of the following areas - extractables and leachables, small molecule pharmaceuticals, petroleum products, polymer analysis, biophysical, physico-chemical and protein/glycoprotein characterisation including proteomic, mass spectrometry and chromatographic techniques. 

In addition, Scientists with a background in stability/ formulation studies are particularly welcomed.  These Scientists will be dedicated to the set up of a stability/formulation service and the testing and coordination of the samples pulled from storage.

Stability Services Manager

The successful candidate should have management experience, be well organised and ideally will also have experience in biophysical, physico-chemical and protein/glycoprotein characterisation. The Stability Services Manager will lead the Stability Storage and Testing services unit at Wokingham and will also be involved in setting up and establishing the service plus presenting the plans to existing and potential new clients.

Individuals (not agencies) should write with a CV to let us know how you can strengthen our team of expert analytical scientists to: Dr Andrew J. Reason, Managing Director, SGS M-Scan Ltd, 2-3 Millars Business Centre, Fishponds Close, Wokingham, RG41 2TZ, or via e-mail to